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Healing with the Ancestors

Hi everyone! I would like to talk about my experiences with working with the Tupuna or ancestors.  As part of the healing process the ancestors were invited into the circle … Continue Reading →

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On Children

The following is what the Ascended Masters say about children.  It is an excerpt out of the Bridge to Freedom Journals, Mt Shasta, California, USA. I reverence the Presence of … Continue Reading →

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What goes around comes around?

I wonder how many of you have wanted to lash out at someone who has done something to you that hurts you to the core?  Probably all of us right! … Continue Reading →

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My first religion is humanity!

Many years before medical school, I began my learning journey as a child of a supportive, loving family.  As part of this family being spiritual was part of your genes, … Continue Reading →

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Alien Invasion

It was in the late 1990’s that I had my first experience with aliens and particularly the Greylings.  It was the holidays and I had made arrangements to meet my … Continue Reading →

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I am and so believe

During the mid-eighties I was fortunate to be able to attend a spiritual development class that was run by the Spiritual Church in Henderson. As part of an exercise about … Continue Reading →

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The Art of Giving

People who give without expecting anything in return are more likely to receive rewards than those who give and expect paybacks.  When you give without expectations you feel good plus … Continue Reading →

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Ancestors of the Light

What a marvelous experience it is to work with the tupuna (our ancestors on the other side).  However, lets start at the beginning.  When I did my first healing with … Continue Reading →

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Fear Factor

Fear of the Unknown, Fear of the Dark, Fear of Being Fat, Fear of the Death of Loved ones, Fear for Your Children, Fear of Fear itself.  So the list … Continue Reading →

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Have you paid any attention to your dreams and the possible messages or answers it may have?  If you haven’t then you should.  I’m no expert on dreams but I … Continue Reading →

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Are you a driver or a passenger in your life?

Interesting question to ponder over, isn’t it?  Are you the driver of your life or are you just a passenger going along for the ride?  After analysing my life I … Continue Reading →

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Innocent Eyes

I was first introduced to spirituality when I was roughly 9 years old.  I remember I was asleep in mum’s room and heard a knock at the front door.  For … Continue Reading →

The Spiritual Path

Upstairs! Downstairs!

Upstairs is a term used by our whanau for those through the veil/in the fourth dimension/heaven and of course downstairs is here on earth.  Upstairs was a useful word to … Continue Reading →


A Child’s View

Daejarhn is my 5 year old son.  His first experience was after his grandfather had died in November 2012. In early 2013 he was at his grandparent’s house. They live … Continue Reading →


Annoyed visitor!

One of my experiences was when I was in a deep sleep. The feeling of someone being in the room woke me up but I was unable to open my … Continue Reading →

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Spiritual Protection

I have found in my fifty years of healing that having spiritual protection is essential.  I used my Ratana prayer from the beginning.  There was a beginning prayer, a repentance … Continue Reading →

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The Way We Were!

During the years following our Ouija board experience we became more and more involved with spirit and it was about twenty years later that spiritual writings and knowledge began to … Continue Reading →

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Spiritual Rewards

When you go to work, you get paid.  When you help someone, you feel good.  What you give out you will receive … good or bad!  Spiritual rewards are no … Continue Reading →

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Games Spiritual Children Play!

I remember after the first exorcism we had completed and our mother looking around the room at us all with this incredible look of wonderment on her face and shaking … Continue Reading →

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Spiritually … Are we the same or different?

All humans are different even if they are identical twins, they are still different.  Each person has their own unique makeup that consists of the physical, emotional, spiritual and social … Continue Reading →


My introduction to all things spiritual

I was born into this whanau on Christmas day 1942.  My first special encounter with the spiritual world began with the visitation from my grandmother’s wairua (spirit).  She visited me … Continue Reading →

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What is Spiritual Enlightenment or Awakening?

In my case spiritual enlightenment or awakening would be the development of my conscious mind and the realisation of an awakening when I encounter spiritual experiences that not only rock … Continue Reading →

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